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Desidério Murcho

A Routledge anuncia para os próximos dias a esperada edição, ainda apenas em capa dura, do apetitoso livro de consulta The Routledge Companion to Metaphysics, org. por Robin Le Poidevin, Peter Simons, Andrew McGonigal e Ross Cameron. O índice é de fazer crescer a água na boca:
General Introduction

Part 1: History of Metaphysics

1. Pre-Socratic Themes: Being, Not-being and Mind
2. Plato: Arguments for Forms
3. Aristotle: Form, Matter and Substance
4. Aristotle: Time and Change
5. Medieval Metaphysics 1: The Problem of Universals
6. Medieval Metaphysics 2: Things, Non-things, God and Time
7. Descartes: The Real Distinction
8. Hobbes: Matter, Cause and Motion
9. Spinoza: Substance, Attribute and Mode
10. Locke: The Primary and Secondary Quality Distinction
11. Leibniz: Mind-body Causation and Pre-established Harmony
12. Berkeley: Arguments for Idealism
13. Hume: Necessary Connections and Distinct Existences
14. Kant: The Possibility of Metaphysics
15. Hegel and Schopenhauer: Reason and Will
16. Anti-Metaphysics I: Nietzsche
17. Bradley: the Supra-relational Absolute
18. Whitehead: Process and Cosmology
19. Heidegger: The Question of Being
20. Anti-Metaphysics II: verificationism and kindred views
21. Metaphysics revivified

Part 2: Ontology: On What Exists

22. To Be
23. Not to Be
24. Razor Arguments
25. Substance
26. Intrinsic and Extrinsic Properties
27. Universals: The Contemporary Debate
28. Particulars
29. Persistence, Composition and Identity
30. Relations
31. Facts, Events and States of Affairs
32. Possible Worlds and Possibilia
33. Mathematical Entities
34. Fictional Objects
35. Vagueness
36. Minor Entities: Surfaces, Holes and Shadows
37. Truth-Makers and Truth-Bearers
38. Values

Part 3: Metaphysics and Science

39. Space, Absolute and Relational
40. The Infinite
41. The Passage of Time
42. The Direction of Time
43. Causation
44. Laws and Dispositions
45. Probability and Determinism
46. Essences and Natural Kinds
47. Metaphysics and Relativity
48. Metaphysics and Quantum Physics
49. Supervenience, Reductionism and Emergence
50. Biometaphysics
51. Social Entities
52. The Mental and the Physical
53. The Self

A Short Glossary of Metaphysics

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