16 de dezembro de 2009

Filosofia da linguagem

A Routledge acaba de anunciar uma nova antologia de filosofia da linguagem, que pela selecção de artigos parece distinguir-se das já existentes (como a de Martinich, talvez a mais usada). Esta é organizada por Darragh Byrne e Max Kolbel, e tem por título Arguing about Language. Eis o índice:


Part 1: A Homeric Struggle: Communication and Truth
1. Meaning H. Paul Grice
2. Meaning and Truth Peter Strawson
3. Language and Communication Michael Dummett

Part 2: Sense and Reference
4. On Sense and Reference Gottlob Frege
5. Frege’s Puzzle Nathan Salmon

Part 3: Definite Descriptions: Quantifiers or Singular Terms?
6. Descriptions Bertrand Russell
7. On Referring Peter Strawson
8. Mr Strawson on Referring Bertrand Russell

Part 4: Rigidity vs. Descriptivism
9. Naming and Necessity Saul Kripke
10. Reference and Descriptions Revisited Frank Jackson

Part 5: Analyticity
11. Two Dogmas of Empiricism W. V. Quine
12. In Defense of a Dogma H. Paul Grice and Peter Strawson

Part 6: Truth and Meaning
13. Truth and Meaning Donald Davidson
14. Meaning and Truth Theory John Foster

Part 7: Meaning, Intention and Convention
15. Languages and Language David K. Lewis
16. A Note on 'Languages and Language' John Hawthorne
17. A Chomskian Alternative to Convention-Based Semantics Stephen Laurence

Part 8: Knowledge of Language
18. Knowledge of Language Noam Chomsky
19. Semantic Theory and Tacit Knowledge Gareth Evans
20. Theories of Meaning and Speakers’ Knowledge Crispin Wright

Part 9: Meaning, Holism and Inferential Role
21. Why Meaning (Probably) Isn’t Conceptual Role Ernest Lepore and Jerry Fodor
22. Is Compositionality Compatible with Holism? Peter Pagin

Part 10: Implicature
23. Logic and Conversation H. Paul Grice
24. Linguistic Meaning, Communicated Meaning and Cognitive Pragmatics Robyn Carston

Part 11: Compositionality and Context
25. Against compositionality: the case of adjectives Ran Lahav
26. Adjectives in context Zoltan Szabo

Part 12: Rule-following and Normativity
27. Kripke’s Account of the Argument against Private Language Crispin Wright
28. Semantic Normativity Asa Wikforss

Part 13: Metaphor
29. What Metaphors Mean Donald Davidson
30. How Metaphors Work: a Reply to Donald Davidson Max Black

Part 14: Vagueness in Language
31. Vagueness, Logic and Ontology Achille Varzi
32. Vagueness and Ignorance Timothy Williamson
33. Shifting sands: an interest-relative theory of vagueness Delia Graff Fara

Part 15: Fictional Discourse
34. Truth in Fiction David K. Lewis
35. Talk about Fiction Stefano Predelli
36. Speaking of Fictional Characters Amie L. Thomasson

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