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Análise intensa

Desidério Murcho
Está já disponível online o número 2 do volume 72 da Analysis, cujo índice é o seguinte:
  • Indeterminacy and normative silence (J. Robert G. Williams)
  • Is 'no' a force-indicator? Sometimes, possibly (Luca Incurvati e Peter Smith)        
  • The T-schema is not a logical truth Roy (T. Cook)
  • A novel (and surprising) argument against justification internalism (Sanford Goldberg)
  • Look-blindness (Jason Leddington)
  • Musical materialism and the inheritance problem (Chris Tillman e Joshua Spencer)
  • Explaining causal loops (Ulrich Meyer)
  • Time for distribution? (Jonathan Tallant e David Ingram)
  • Presentists may say goodbye to A-properties (Joshua Rasmussen)
  • The problem of true-true counterfactuals (Aidan McGlynn)
  • Calling names (John Biro)
  • A comment on McCall (Brian Garrett)
  • Some mixed strategies can evade Pascal's Wager: a reply to Monton (Steven Robertson)
  • Reply to Forbes (Kathrin Gluer e Peter Pagin)
  • Sets and worlds again (Christopher Menzel)
  • Gettier and the stopped clock (Adrian Heathcote)
  • Mad, bad and dangerous to know (Rachael Briggs e Daniel Nolan)
  • Personal pronoun revisionism - asking the right question (Harold W. Noonan)
  • The liar paradox in new clothes (Jeff Snapper)
  • The naming of facts (Achille C. Varzi)
Além destes artigos temos ainda um simpósio dedicado com livro Talking about Nothing, de Jody Azzouni, e várias resenhas.

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